If I could summarize 2021, it would be that it taught me to take more risks, to let go and to get out of my comfort zone

Taking a risk Link to heading

2021 was a pivotal year in my life. A lot of changes and plans that I had been putting off for years have happened so spontaneously. I finally got to leave the country that I spent all of my life living in, while the downside of it is me having to leave my family and go on with my adult life (better late than never), I learned a lot from this experience.

July 15th 2021 was the day that I moved from Lebanon to Istanbul, after spending a year and a half in my hometown working from there. When I arrived here, I didn’t know what I was expecting, first few days were really anxiety inducing for me as I was going house hunting and couldn’t find the house that I was really looking for due to all of the good ones that I was looking for being either unavailable to foreigners or taken.

I finally got to find the house that I am currently living in, at first it looked to be that I am taking a risk that I might be regretting later on, but looking back on that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Getting out of my comfort zone Link to heading

In Lebanon, I have always been known to be some kind of a loner and an introvert. One of the biggest challenges that I faced here was to try and go out from my own bubble, my own comfort zone, I became more outgoing, having a better social life than I had in Lebanon.

I also started trying to talk more to strangers, I met a lot of people that I learned a lot from, just by having some chats with them, it really changed my perspective on life.

Love, Heartbreak and Letting go Link to heading

March 26, 2021 was the day that I met someone who I thought was going be a huge part of my life. Things went smoothly and fast for us, we were starting to think more seriously about our relationship, call me an idiot but I really thought that she was the one for me.

Days started going by and with us becoming more and more close, I was starting to have my doubts, I started hesitating multiple times before going to meet her, we had our first fight when I asked if we can slow down, as things are going too fast for us, and we went our separate ways.

Luckily, I was surrounded by family and some great friends who helped me get over the heartbreak and made me realize that I should be letting go.

A look at 2022 Link to heading

Although we are now almost done with the first quarter of 2022, I couldn’t go on without writing this post.

2021 was a really pivotal year for me and 2022 will be no different. I am hoping to take all that my years on this earth have taught me and use them to become a better human being, and to always advance.